General Rules For Handling Chemicals

Chemical management software is an important tool in chemical laboratories. The chemical inventory must be monitored at all times to prevent chemical waste and reduce chemical spills, chemical injuries, or chemical accidents. 

Improper chemical management can result in hazardous chemical exposure, environmental contamination, health hazards to employees, improper disposal of chemicals into the water supply system, violations of hazardous waste laws, chemical spills and chemical disposal costs.

Chemical management software should reduce chemical exposure and chemical accidents through:

– improved chemical inventory management to eliminate chemical waste and chemical spills 

– reduced risk of hazardous chemical exposure due to safer chemical storage procedures 

– reduced time spent on managing chemicals by the laboratory staff;

– improved chemical inventory control and chemical management safety.

Chemical management software should accomplish the following chemical organization tasks:

– chemical cataloging through chemical name or chemical formula identification 

– chemical storage location determination from chemical properties such as boiling point, chemical stability, reactivity with other chemicals, etc 

– chemical container tracking for safety purposes- chemical storage location tracking for chemical management safety purposes 

– chemical container disposal tracking to avoid chemical container violations in hazardous waste laws 

– chemical inventory management to minimize chemical waste and chemical spills 

– chemical inventory coordination with chemical suppliers to reduce purchasing costs.

The development of software programs which make use of these functions is the chemical laboratory chemical management software.

The chemical inventory must be closely monitored at all times to prevent chemical waste and chemical spills, chemical accidents, environmental contamination, hazardous chemical exposure, health hazards to employees, chemical spills and violations of hazardous waste laws.